Stray Dog Studios


Is a creative art studio owned and founded by Serene Wyatt, who graduated from the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, MI in 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Entertainment Arts. The studio sprung up shortly after graduation as a start to her freelance career. After launch, a few years were spent working for the app game studio, Pocket Gems, where Serene was responsible for character and asset concepts for the game Animal Voyage: Island Adventure, and another short project with PG after that.

Currently located in Wilmington, DE, Stray Dogs is currently working on a children's book series called Ellie the Wienerdog, with two of the six books in the series already published. 


Stray Dogs has also started working on a side project called Shantyland, worldbuilding exercise that is funded/hosted on Patreon. 


There is no official Stray Dog Studios website! If you have questions/an inquiry for our services, do not hesitate to contact us via any of the options listed on the Contact page



Currently a worldbuilding exercise on patreon as an inclusive and interactive, fun way for patrons to follow along with the artwork. It is also a the homeworld setting for a series of short comics featuring any characters that might reside there, including Shantyland's famous Gatordog! 


Shantyland exists in a far off, random little corner of the galaxy as a snot colored swamp planet teeming with life. It developed its own race and civilization many centuries before it was discovered by outsiders, and for many years after, it has become home to a diverse culture of alien lifeforms. The surface is 95% wetlands of varying degrees, leaving the rest to a small mountainous region to the north, and a massive circular desert on it’s side.  The locals are friendly enough, but the environment can be unforgiving! Every few years new “recruits” are flown in to fulfill their degree of choice as Shanty Rangers (aka, our fantastic patrons!) 


You can check out Shantyland here