Welcome to Shantyland! Home of a worldbuilding project run by animator/illustrator Serene Wyatt. Currently a freelance artist under self-owned Stray Dog Studios, Serene offers a variety of services for animated projects in need of pre-production work, character design and concepts, and children's book illustrations. You can browse this site for art examples and more information about the studio or current project using the nav bar above. Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries!

Shantyland is a fictitious swamp planet currently being explored by myself and a fantastic group of patrons that i'm proud to call my Shanty Rangers! Follow along on patreon to explore the swamps

and ooh and ahh at all the slimy

things that live there!


Shantyland and the artwork on this site is a product of Stray Dog Studios, a freelance company located in Delaware, USA. Please visit the portfolio page for examples of the work we provide, or the Contact page with any questions or inquiries about a job.